The Salesforce CRM Solution

The #1 CRM App In Use Worldwide

Premier Services from CRMmetry Include:

Customized CRM (customer relationship management) and sales lead management solutions that are tailored to your business needs. CRMmetry is an award winning Salesforce partner that provides Salesforce cloud solution implementation and training. Expert consultation with selecting the right product for your needs across any industry: manufacturing, technology, retail, logistics, insurance, healthcare, energy, communication, media, entertainment, banking and finance.

Various Services Across Sectors

Premier Services from CRMmetry Include

High- tech and

Collaboration is easy with distributors when using Salesforce. Share information on sales, service, marketing, and more.

Retail. CPG,
And logistics

CRM software helps sellers do just that. They can develop customer relationship management by identifying customer needs and preferences.

Banking and
capital markets

Salesforce banking CRM solutions helps you build deeper relationships and procedures with customers, bankers and brokers.

Insurance, healthcare
And life sciences

Improve patient and provider communications and engagement. Salesforce makes it easy to deliver personalized experiences.

Communication media,
And entertainment

In this ever changing industry, you can use digital tools within your organization to make an impact on the media and entertainment industry.

Energy, utilities
And services

Centralize vast amounts of data with customers, services and available products in one place.


Share information across your network and team to insure you have the most efficent usage of this powerful new technology.


Being very easy to use, with Salesforce businesses can finally have all the customers, accounts, leads, sales opportunities, etc – All in One Place

Sales Increase

Being a cloud based CRM solution Salesforce enables 32% Improvement in win-rate; 40% Increased sales productivity; and 32% Increase in sales revenues.

Growth Rates of Salesforce Customers


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Agent Productivity


Increase in Marketing ROI


Faster Resolution Time


Faster Deployment

Why are SFDC Projects Faster?

Traditional Implementations
SFDC Implementations