Salesforce and the Financial Institution Industry

Salesforce and the Financial Institution Industry

The shift to digital experiences for the financial industry is growing quickly, more so since the advent of the pandemic thrusting the world into remote offices and virtual business places. As a result, there is an increasing need for communication in real time with financial institutions. At the same time, the financial institutions need to communicate with clientele and internal team members in the most effective and efficient way. 

CRMs like Salesforce enable financial institutions to rapidly expand a customer’s digital experience. Salesforce offers simple apps and portals that are built specifically for activities such as loan applications and hands-on banking. Financial team members and bankers can have a 360-degree view of the customer to improve satisfaction.  Salesforce can unify Customer Data with Seamless Data Integration to keep the customer’s active engagement.

Help your team provide cohesive information that is unified while they are using the CRM tool to make sense of their own customer base and find key information such as forms, applications, and instructions. Leaders and managers can keep track of their teams in one place with clear visibility and transparency. Gaps are identified and there are plenty of resources available for instructions and training.

The entire digital banking experience has been reimagined, making it critical for banks and lenders to improve digital engagement and provide customers with a valuable bank-from-home experience that is connected, cohesive and personalized.

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