2020 CRM Strategies for Banks in the Digital Age

When it comes to digital banking trends, Caribbean banks lag behind. Banking trends have shifted from paper to digital for years, but COVID-19 accelerated the change. Customers want digital banking services now more than ever. Mobile banking apps, 24/7 chat, and artificial intelligence in banking are smart ways to attract new customers and keep them loyal. For example, bank customers in the United States loved when Chase introduced Zelle real-time transfer. Digital solutions allow customers to get many needs met online — saving banking institutions time and money in the long run.

Digital banking products attract new customers due to convenience and necessity. They also reduce the number of customers inside physical banks — a must during COVID-19. With no sign of slowing down, banks have no choice but to evolve. While retail banking centers aren’t going away anytime soon, digital solutions make life easier for both banks and customers in times like these. Everyone wins.

Caribbean banks that embrace digitization have a lot to gain over competitors. It goes beyond digital products. It’s using digital to engage customers in meaningful ways. For banks struggling to gain new customers and build relationships with clients, it’s time to upgrade your CRM strategy. CRMmetry is the leading Salesforce CRM partner in the Caribbean. We believe in building trust through transparency to create better customer experiences. We have helped several Caribbean banks get a leading edge over competitors with modern CRM strategies that keep customers from straying — even during a global pandemic. Click here to schedule your personalized CRM consultation with us today.

Keep reading for more information on utilizing the Salesforce platform to build customer relationships.


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